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Hello and thank you for visiting the Awassi Sheep blog. This blog is dedicated to the history, genetics and breeding of Awassi fat tail sheep. I'm Andy Karras a fourth generation sheep breeder and owner of Karras Farm in North Carolina. We specialize in Awassi Sheep, Assaf Sheep and East Friesian sheep. Karras Farm was the very first to sheep breeder to import the highly desireable Awassi Fat Tail Sheep into the United Sates.


Livestock Guardian Dogs

I (Andy Karras) had the pleasure to attend and speak at the NC Sheep Producers Annual Meeting on February 11th. One topic that most had and found interest in was my take and opinion on LGDs for each persons (sheep) flock. Like I stated at the meeting, “We all have our own opinions on which dog breed is the best for us”. I have found over many years of raising […]


Improving the Response to Vaccination

In order to get an optimal response to vaccination- especially with dead vaccines- other components are added to the antigen to increase the immune system. These substances are known as adjuvants, are more or less irritant to the body tissue, so that quite often a lump will appear at the site of the inoculation. With some vaccines, the reaction will be hardly noticeable, but with others, a large- unsightly swelling […]


Merry Christmas From Karras Farm & A Few Newborn Awassi Lamb Dairy Sheep Photos

Karras Farm would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. We pray that all our friends, your families and farms have a healthy and prosperous 2014. Here are a few photos of the newest member in our Awassi dairy sheep herd The lamb is three days old today and she is a pretty little fullblood Awassi dairy ewe with traditional coloring.   Awassi Dairy Sheep   Awassi Lamb […]


Dairy Sheep – Q Fever – Awassi Dairy Sheep

Q- Fever Q- fever, abbreviated for Queensland Fever, is occasionally diagnosed as a cause of abortion in sheep.  Sheep likely become infected by ingesting or breathing in the organisms (coxiella burnetii), which are contained in minute droplets of fluid (aerosol), which accompany an abortion or an infected lambing.  Once a ewe has given birth, she is still susceptible to getting the illness from inhalation in the area from infected material. […]


Sheep magazine artice featuring Karras Farm – East Friesian sheep, Awassi Sheep, Assaf Sheep

Below is an article published in Sheep Magazine July / August 2013 issue. I would like to personally thank Mr Nathan Griffin from sheep magazine for all of his hard work and dedication to the dairy sheep industry in the United States.  I would also like to thank Alan Harman for his valued efforts in writing / editing the article. To link directly to the Sheep Magazine on their website […]


Weak Lamb At Birth – Karras Farm – Assaf Dairy Sheep

Weak Lamb at Birth   A lamb weakened by a by a protracted or difficult birth may be suffering from Anoxia (lack of oxygen) or have fluid in the lungs. The first few minutes are crucial to the lams survival. If the lamb gurgles with the first few breaths or has difficulty breathing, dry off the nose; grasp the lamb momentarily on the return end of the upswing with your […]


Awassi Sheep and Assaf Sheep livestock in the USA – Karras Farm

It’s been a busy summer at Karras Farm and we are learning more every day on the characteristics of these amazing Awassi Sheep. Their hearty nature and sound genetic makeup make for a wonderful combination. We are seeing some fantastic milk production from the Awassi and Assaf sheep and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call Karras Farm if we can assist […]