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Karras Farm - East Friesian Sheep Breeder

Karras Farm specializes in breeding East Friesian Dairy Sheep. We have been in the dairy sheep business since the late 1800's starting in Greece. Four generations later we are still commited to breeding the highest quality and genetically pure East Friesian Sheep in the world. In 1994 we moved our operation to North Carolina with the same focus of excellence to our animals and customers.


Livestock Guardian Dogs

I (Andy Karras) had the pleasure to attend and speak at the NC Sheep Producers Annual Meeting on February 11th. One topic that most had and found interest in was my take and opinion on LGDs for each persons (sheep) flock. Like I stated at the meeting, “We all have our own opinions on which dog breed is the best for us”. I have found over many years of raising […]


Preparation for Lambing

Preparation for Lambing  It is probably erroneous to suggest that one period of the sheep year is more important than another. There is no doubt that lambing time should be the climax of the years’ work. Unfortunately, in many flocks, this isn’t always the case; often because of inadequate preparation and lack of attention to detail throughout the year.    Birth is the most hazardous period in any animal’s life. […]


Thought for the Day

It is the duty of the shepherd or anyone who is in charge of sheep to identify sick or injured animals promptly and to give appropriate treatment immediately or obtain veterinary advice as soon as possible. It is a simple matter to spot a sheep or to decide that a sheep which is not eating or that constantly walks around in circles is unwell, but it takes considerable skill, experience […]


Fullblood Awassi …. Or Not? MythBuster Andy Karras Here With Another Stop The Naysayers Video :-)

Okay… Okay…. We know there are people in the USA and overseas who are, well… not real happy that Karras Farm took a huge leap forward and decided to be the first farm in the United States to import fullblood Awassi dairy sheep. It’s often out of jealousy, intimidation or fear of loss that people result to spreading false information or simply speculate without researching facts. This Awassi importation and […]


Magazine article on Karras Farm – Awassi, East Friesian and Assaf daiy sheep

Below is an article published in Sheep Magazine July / August 2013 issue. I would like to personally thank Mr Nathan Griffin from sheep magazine for all of his hard work and dedication to the dairy sheep industry in the United States.  I would also like to thank Alan Harman for his valued efforts in writing / editing the article. To link directly to the Sheep Magazine on their website […]


Karras Farm – Weak Lamb At Birth – Sheep CPR

Weak Lamb at Birth   A lamb weakened by a by a protracted or difficult birth may be suffering from Anoxia (lack of oxygen) or have fluid in the lungs. The first few minutes are crucial to the lams survival. If the lamb gurgles with the first few breaths or has difficulty breathing, dry off the nose; grasp the lamb momentarily on the return end of the upswing with your […]


Ram Epididymitis – East Friesian Dairy Sheep – Karras Farm

  Recently, there has been heightened awareness of Ram Epididymitis, a disease caused by one of several different organisms which damage sperm producing tissue. The infection is well under way and contagious prior to external symptoms showing in physical examinations. Symptoms can include swelling of the Epididymitis, located at the base of the testacies, and the presence of hard lump tissue can indicate the disease is already in an advanced […]


Mechanical Pneumonia in Sheep

Mechanical or “foreign body” pneumonia results when fluids or objects enter the lungs, such as excessive birth fluids or milk in the lungs of lambs. An abnormal birth position or any interruption of the umbilical blood supply to the lamb results in an oxygen deficiency. This in turn stimulates the respiratory reflex and causes the lamb to attempt breathing prior to birth.  The respiratory reflex causes inhalation of excessive fetal […]